Thor's Paws - Basic Bully Bundle


Thor’s Paws – Basic Bully Bundle


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By popular demand we now have the “basic bully” bundle available! Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t just for bulldog types, we just liked the way it sounded…

Within this bundle you have everything you need to take good care of your pups dry nose and irritated wrinkly areas. You will receive:

  • Organic Wrinkle Relief 30ml
  • Organic Honey & Oat Snout Butter 30ml

Wrinkle Relief: using a mixture of avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil combined with highly moisturising shea butter, coconut oil and a pinch of bees wax, Thor’s Paws wrinkle relief will help to alleviate any areas of discomfort caused by sweat and dirt in wrinkles and folds. Our balm also has a pleasant and subtle eucalyptus scent.

Snout Butter: a mixture of local honey, crushed oats, shea butter, almond oil and oat milk makes this butter the best there is. Honey is a natural healing agent and oats aid towards soothing irritated or itchy skin as they are a natural anti-inflammatory. A few drops of Rosemary Oil are added to the batch to help with preserving the shelf life without the use of chemicals.

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N.B.: There are no chemical preservatives in this product online most on the market, so keep Snout Butter refrigerated to keep self life.


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