Thor's Paws Triple Threat Bundle


Thor’s Paws Triple Threat Bundle


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In this fantastic bundle you will receive all three of our original and best selling 30ml tins. This is the best bundle out there for the squishy faced and wrinkly dogs, i.e. Bulldogs, Frenchies, basset hounds etc.

Organic Paw Wax 30ml – The best defense for protecting those precious paws pads, and great for keeping them soft, supple and crack free. The benefits of paw wax are:

  • Protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice and salt
  • Prevent abrasions, burning, drying and cracking
  • Can be used for activities like mushing, hunting, walking or most outdoor activities
  • Can be used to moisturise dry or cracked skin, and help heal and repair wounds

Organic Honey & Oatmeal Snout Butter 30ml – The best for French Bulldogs, and similar, with crusty, sore noses. Just a few applications of this and watch that crust be gone!

Organic Wrinkle Relief 30ml – The balm of your dreams. Simply wipe clean and dry any folds or wrinkles on your pup and apply a thin layer of balm to help soothe those hard to reach areas.

(Buying this bundle will save you money on buying single units and gives you all the protection you need for your loved furry one.)


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